Creative & Business Head

Malini has spent over 18 years in the visual communication industry. Starting in television production, she moved onto brand development and advertising then in content creation and business development. She’s handled multiple sectors like digital & social media, TV, print & radio.

She's led & mentored teams whilst working with all the top broadcasters in India like the Times Group, NDTV, India Today TV and large production houses like Miditech and Small Screen Flm and TV Pvt. Ltd.

She headed a large team crafting digital content on the 71 flagship schemes initiated by The Government Of India & MyGov, a citizen engagement platform initiated by the Prime Minister.

Over the years she’s developed an instinct in creative conceptualizing and pitching, using varied formats like white board animation, 2 D animation, live action, puppetry, and many more, thereby crafting stunning and impactful content pieces.

Branded content creation, its production and execution onto multi media platforms are among her focused skill sets. She brings on board a combination of creative leadership, along with business & marketing skills, offering content as a strategic brand solution.

Producing content for the development sector on issue based subjects is an area that comes to her naturally and she’s crafted more than 100 projects for many United Nations organizations like Unicef, UNDP, UNFPA, The Hunger Project, Plan India among many others.

Malini's attention to detail, finely tuned research skills, her ability to join many dots from the micro to the macro on any given media project, along with her highly organized and honest approach, makes her a professional many clients and colleagues respect and look forward to engaging with!

Many of the projects initiated and led by Malini have gone on to win international and national awards.